See art, spark conversation, share the human experience


Hello radiant guests! Thank you for visiting our website. We would love to tell you what Radiant Space is about, what we offer to our community and how you can get involved.


Down to the nuts and bolts:

Radiant Space is a multimedia gallery in West Hollywood, California that offers a space for visual arts, film, dance, fashion and multimedia installations. The gallery is run day-to-day by a team of creatives native to Los Angeles. Our mission is to help foster conversations and better understanding around the human experience.  Radiant Space is a platform for artists to express meaningful art with their community. Conversely, we want the community to feel welcome to explore different kinds of art and topics that can foster dialogue, inspiration and a stronger connection to the human experience.


Why our work is important to us:

The world today, especially in our current environmental, political and social climate, is very disjointed, misunderstood and chaotic. As global conflicts arise, diverse groups of people can operate in a separate “them” vs. “us” mentality that exacerbates misunderstanding and retaliation. Our resolve is to offer a positive look into the human experience through creativity — what anyone can experience. We aspire to help drive progress in tackling the world’s toughest problems –  from social, political to environmental issues.

Radiant Space is a diverse hub where you can meet and share a unique experience with your community. We welcome people of all ages, social and economic backgrounds, sexual orientation and races to enjoy the different events Radiant Space hosts throughout the year. LA is a vibrant and colorful place, and we want to add more dialogue to help foster diversity and awareness. We aim to bring important themes to light in our space so we may empower those without a voice through art, and inspire one another to address the world’s challenging issues. Artists have been coming together in discourse to voice their experiences more than ever before, and a venue like Radiant Space gives artists and the community a place to express themselves. Radiant Space’s aim is to emulate a radiant place of harmony, empathy and creativity to help artists and the community thrive.

From photo shoots, art shows, dance classes and other creative projects, we welcome creatives to explore Radiant Space as a home for your vision and a place to enjoy diverse art . If this sounds up your alley, come by and visit us! We are open throughout the week and have a schedule of our upcoming shows on our calendar. If you are interested in collaborating and using the space, feel free to connect with us by email, phone or Instagram. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Phone: (323) 522-4496

Instagram: @radiant_space